Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Help catch Tabby's Star in the act - new kickstarter

Tabetha Boyajian and team have posted a kickstarter to buy telescope time to monitor KIC 8462852 photometrically around the world, 24 x7 using a network of telescopes. When a definite dip in brightness is detected, then hopefully the astronomical world will respond by swinging their more sensitive spectrographs and other detectors onto the star, allowing us some hope of really understanding what is going on around this very weird star.

This would compliment, not replace, the work that the AAVSO volunteers are doing.

I would hope you can see your way clear to donating to both efforts. If enough people show that this matters, it will happen, and maybe, just maybe, a new door will open and we'll see for the first time what is on the other side.

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