Saturday, August 30, 2014

I should post more often, I know..

The trick is how to divide time between podcasting and blogging - time that is left over after work, Krav Maga, domestic chores and family time. Not to mention, the European club football season has started up again and some other projects are in the works...

Anyway, there should be a burst of blog activity soon as the podcasting season winds down at the end of November. We have a four person team working on the Wow! Signal now, and the intent is that this bears fruit in terms of more and better episodes, some of which will have little, if any, involvement by me. I want to write about the Long Delay Echoes soon, and I will also have an interview with Duncan Lunan on the podcast on that very topic.

As for API Case Files, the plan is to get that completely independent of me in the long run, except for my few minutes of Unidentified Science in each episode. I really enjoy doing Unidentified Science, and it is helping me to connect with like minded people all over the place. I hope you will listen.